Textile Printing


Textile Printing

Textile Printing are sure manufacturer of  stitching tags on sort of cloth materials.Custom written cloth labels supply limitless prospects.They are wide utilized in the style and residential textile industries.
You can attach them to any textile product like garments, bags, mattresses and duvets etc.



Textile Printing polyester with unique micro channels throughout the structured adhesive.This allows out gassing on plastic molded parts so labels regains its neat appearance. Adhesive offers wonderful chemical resistance and holding strength even at high temperatures.




Print Plus produces all kinds of Textile Printing personalized labels with your brand or logo.Print Plus has the necessary technology for the reproduction of your logo in relief on any woven label, ribbon or textile badge. This can be a great option to differentiate your product. The impact of complete|the emblem} or brand on the material itself can manufacture a completely unique and engaging look




Taffeta is a crisp smooth woven fabric made of polyamid fibers with special coating.Some of the taffeta materials have great surface smoothness allowing a good detailed print visualization.

stickers Labels

Textile Printing

A piece of printed paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.Stickers  printed  design for shirts cloths . Today stickers most used as a fashion .

Satin Labels


Printed material Labels bring shine and detail to your style. Commonly used for care labels moreover as logos. Our written material Labels will feature up to four colors on a black or white material background. Satin Labels supply an opulent end for your product and a transparent simply clear medium for your elaborated data, like size and garment care

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